Sonya Dunn is transmedia storyteller with experience in traditional, digital and emerging media platforms. As an award-winning media executive and creative entrepreneur, Dunn specializes in various types of media and digital platform creation and integration for interactive user experiences in published content for distribution, monetization and optimization.


Prior to running her own media company, Dunn was the president of a nonprofit media corporation that oversaw the operations of a cable channel, radio station, production studio and multimedia training center. 


Sonya Dunn began her media career in radio at the age of 16 as a radio host. She had her own two-hour, weekend radio show in a medium market for four years, speaking engagements and acting opportunities.  Fast forward over twenty years later, Dunn is an award-winning producer, director, screenwriter and showrunner. She has experience in developing and producing narrative films, documentaries, commercials, cable programming, long-form serial variety shows, digital programming and web series.