Sonya Dunn is a transmedia storyteller with experience in developing content for traditional, digital and emerging media platforms. As an award-winning filmmaker, media content creator and creative entrepreneur; Dunn’s diverse framework for transcultural and intercultural media content creation intersects traditional boundaries by involving, encompassing, and extending across two or more cultures.

Whereas modern media content creators target one culture or target audience, I interweave stories across two or more diverse groups that meet the demand and expectation globalization has placed on the post-modern artist.  Hybrid cultures are emerging.  As a member of several sub-cultures, I understand the multi-faceted, transcendental dimension of diversity, which is not limited to ethnicity and gender, but also includes the richness of life experiences.

All of these comprehensive factors combined together regarding my diversity has shaped my media art and has worked to my advantage by positioning me at the front of the emerging trend in human storytelling. I try my best to develop the most innovative and emerging creative/media content and products in the arts, entertainment, digital media, media technology, and broadcasting industries to tell stories. 

Storytelling is the oldest art form to share information.  Everything that life touches is about new and different ways to share knowledge, information, culture, and history.  We share these things through shaping stories through the different mediums or modes of communication. For example, once we marked on cave walls to share information. Now, we post to digital walls like Twitter, Facebook, Websites, and Instagram to tell our stories.

My multi-faceted and creative perspectives have afforded me the opportunity to work in different departments and collaborate during various the production stages. Some of my areas of expertise include curating, editing, screenwriting, directing, producing, and speaking.  Hence, I have gained a firm grasp on the art form of various media platforms along with the business and production management side of production. 


Transmedia Storyteller

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